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Alfred Herbert Ltd Clubs, Societies and Sections

Alfred Herbert Dance 1952

The Alfred Herbert Dance was held regularly before the Second World war. It was resumed in 1949 and was thereafter held annually.

There was also an annual Children's Christmas Party, attended by the children of the employees of the firm. The Christmas party held in 1951 was for 800 children and is reported here.

The firm also encouraged hobbies and pastimes outside the works, such as fishing, acting, singing, photography etc. There was usually an annual society dinner and prizes were awarded. Some societies outlasted the demise of the firm in the 1980s and continue today, though under different names. Some of the most prominent were:

The Alfred Herbert Photographic Society
The Alfred Herbert Fishing Society
The Alfred Herbert Motoring Club
The Alfred Herbert Cycling Club

Some of the societies annual meetings and events are recorded here
[but need to be linked the the individual societies listed here]
The AH Smallbore Rifle Section
The AH Men's Hockey Section
The AH Tennis Section
The AH Cricket Section
The AH Football Section
The AH Net Ball Section
The AH Snooker Section

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