Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Ellen Ryley 1863 - 1918

Ellen (Nellie) Herbert nee Ryley in 1911

Alfred married Ellen Ryley (1863 -1918) on 17th September 1889 and she bore him his four children, Gladys (1890 - 1962), Beatrice (1892 -1969), Doris (1894 - 1969) and Phyllis (1896 - 1972) [see photo c.1900]. Ellen (who he called Nellie) was the daughter of the assistant manager of Lloyd's Bank in Coventry, and was born in Little Park St, just near where The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum would be erected seventy years later. Ellen, who loved singing and was greatly loved by her four daughters, died in 1918, shortly after Sir Alfred (as he had become) bought his country estate at Dunley in Hampshire.

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